Make sure your flipbook design stays ahead of the game!

The flipbook has to be one of the best marketing tools of recent years. However, as with all new technology, it’s easy to take your eye off the ball as far as new developments are concerned.

Webpublication’s software can counter this problem, helping to ensure your marketing collateral stays at the cutting edge of both design and functionality. Its online magazine creator can take dull content and transform it into something altogether more impressive! It’s easy to use – just ten minutes will be enough time for you to come up with a flip book to be envied. You can add rich media content at will – there are no limits to the number of HD images you can upload to your platform. What’s more, embedded video, flash animations, hypertext links and sound are all options that you can use to spice up your creation, meaning that the interactive PDF you were hoping to impress those prospects with won’t let you down! Of course, none of this counts if you can’t get your final product to the people who matter. However, there’s no fear of that happening, as it can be emailed, accessed on smartphone or stored on DVD or USB stick!

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