Beat the recession blues with hard-wearing Lucrin leather goods

In these tough economic times, people are increasingly looking to justify every purchase they make. So when we talk about Lucrin’s range of great-looking luxury leather goods, you may wonder where this fits in with the age of austerity. In fact, good-quality leather is a smart buy if you’re trying to manage your household budget better. It’s a naturally tough material that will give you excellent service for many years if treated properly, making it ideal for items that will be subjected to a lot of use, such as the average men’s wallet. The very wide range of different finishes, colours and leather types – from classic cow’s leather to more exotic leather such as ostrich and stingray – mean that virtually all tastes, as well as all budgets, are catered to. As well as being extremely useful for the home and travel, many leather items are employed in the office, from personal organizers and mouse pads to paper trays and the ever-useful and stylish-looking leather desk pad. Rather than being just glorified blotters, modern desk pads will frequently include useful features like a built-in mouse pad. They come in lots of different sizes and shapes, including oval, half-oval and fan-shaped forms.

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