Simple yet sophisticated – the new face of the flipbook!

Who hasn’t admired the simplicity inherent in the flipbook format, yet wished at the same time that it was equally simple to produce flip book content? Well, your wait is over, because the flipbook creator from is here! This software package is designed for the non-expert, yet enables you to come up with slick, sophisticated-looking end results – with minimal pain! It’s easy to pick up the basics to start creating your content almost straight away. This highly flexible package can be used in conjunction with smartphones, iPads, Macs and PCs – it’s easily converted to whatever viewing format best suits your needs. It’s simple to share, too. For example, you can email it on to someone else, or share it via social networking sites, or copy it onto DVD or USB stick. Many people’s favoured approach will be to embed their content on their own website – not a problem! The beauty of this particular online brochure maker is that it combines this flexibility with great rich media features. If you want to create an interactive pdf on ipad, there’s now nothing stopping you! You’ll be able to really engage with your readership through video, sound, hypertext links and flash animation!

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