FormForAll – the universal form builder worth finding out about!

For virtually all retail websites, contact forms, order forms or booking forms are a crucial operational feature. So how come good form generators are so thin on the ground?
Well, reliable, responsive forms, including WordPress forms are indeed to be found, courtesy of FormForAll.
The driving force behind both the FormForAll design and its success has definitely been an overiding concern to make it as simple as possible to use. This is best seen in the drag and drop interface, which speeds up form creation no end.
Users will also appreciate the Social sign-in field, which enables Facebook and Google account holders to use the information in these accounts to speed up the form-filling process. Responsive design adds to the draw of this package. All forms published by this solution will look equally good, whether they’re displayed on smartphone, tablet computer or standard PC!
A comprehensive overview of all options is available from
There’s no doubt that until you’ve seen what the different models of forms look like, it’s difficult to come to any firm conclusions.That’s why the short selection of forms available on the website is so useful.

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