Striking the balance between sport and academia – FM Sports Academies

We live in a world where sport has never been more important, especially for young people. As a result, sometimes the worlds of learning and leisure collide – as many parents know all too well!

However, as you can see on, there’s no need to make your children choose one over the other. This company has extensive experience in using sport as a means to not just improve performance on the pitch, but off it too! They run a variety of well-supervised academies where children can be coached in sports like basketball, football, tennis and golf.

Golf academy in Spain


These courses offer an ideal opportunity for your children to gain new perspectives on the world by mixing with kids from all over the world – and also by acquiring or perfecting a foreign language, whether English, Spanish or German.

Football is the global sport, so it’s not surprising that FM Sports Academies’ English football school is a particularly popular option. Birkdale School offers excellent sports facilities and a wide range of subjects taught to GCSE and A-level. An additional advantage is the small class size (20 at GCSE and 15 at A-level). Students can also come to better their English for anything from one term to one year.

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