Taillardat – creators of quality furniture in the French style

Beautiful workmanship is something that never really goes out of fashion. At Taillardat (www.taillardat.fr), a team of highly-trained craftspeople is employed to produce furniture to the highest specifications for a high-end customer base. They use age-old techniques to create designs inspired by eighteenth and nineteenth looks: the famous Louis XV, Louis XVI, Directory, Regency and Empire styles all feature.

Benches and stools are amongst the models of seats created in the spirit of the XVIIIth century by Taillardat

Source: www.taillardat.fr

Although these styles are best known for their desks, armchairs and chests of drawers, a wide variety of other kinds of furniture are also available from the site. Dining room furniture, bedside tables, sofas, beds, benches and mirrors in period style all offer you the chance to imbue your home with some timeless French elegance.

There’s a particularly large collection of armchairs, this being a key piece of furniture in well to-do French houses of the period. The Marie Antoinette armchair style is just one option amongst many.

Less familiar to the general public are the benches and stools of this era. Beechwood is a favourite material for this kind of item, with the wood sometimes being painted or polished. The Directoire model pictured below is crafted from plain beechwood.

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