Airgetintouch – making it easier for aerospace firms to find the right partners

Aviation and the space industries are truly worldwide in their distribution. This can sometimes make finding business partners difficult. airgetintouch has been created with this issue in mind. Comprising an online database of innovative, dynamic and reliable specialists in multiple fields, from aircraft manufacturers to space component designers, this website also offers a number of additional services.

Design is one area where clusters can be a powerful tool


It’s the perfect platform from which to advertise your own business offering as it attracts both buyers and vendors. A range of translation services can help you maximize your exposure and facilitate your entry into new markets.

Given the complexity and high entry costs inherent in this sector, cooperating with other companies through the formation of clusters is a recognized, effective strategy. Airgetintouch helps to make this a reality by connecting your firm with others in associated fields, or in areas where your company lacks expertise. Clusters operate not just in manufacturing, but also upstream in fields such as research and development and design (click on the icon below for more information on design companies working in this area.)

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