Carobronze – supplying high-tech industries with top quality metals for almost a century!

Carobronze  is a firm that’s seen a few changes in its time. Its customer base has shifted from heavy industry to a much wider spectrum of activities. The defence, aerospace, ship construction and vehicle manufacturing industries are now at the heart of its business, which centres upon the production of a huge range of alloys and semi-finished products.

Zinc mixes like cuzn19al6 are also a popular product


Specific alloys boast specific sections on Carobronze’s website, such as This page offer technical data sheets, information on the chemical composition of the alloy in question, a list of typical uses and the dimensions that you can order – in fact, all you need to know!

Another section boasts its own ‘calculator’. This means you can feed in the size of the part you want produced, the kind of alloy, its shape; for instance, round, flat, hexagonal, in tube format, and the calculator tool will tell you exactly what weight of metal you will need to order.

For more information on zinc-based alloys, simply click on the picture below – the cuzn19al6 alloy featured in this link is just one of our popular products.


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