After the Olympics, go for gold with the latest footwear trends.

With all the sport that’s been doing the rounds, you might just want to relax and take the weight off your feet. However, when you start exploring the Modatoi collection of ladies’ shoes and dresses, you may find yourself thinking again.
If you’ve ever doubted whether sporty can be stylish too, set a course for the great choice of women’s shoe models from This features trainers that would be just as much at home on a night out as in the tryouts, as well as glitzy heels. In fact, party shoes and heels have had something of a mind of their own this season, straddling everything from ultra-sleek suede looks and fake alligator skin to confident high heel lace-ups in warm autumnal shades.
In the half boot stakes plenty of new things are ‘afoot’. The ‘skull’ pattern is everywhere to be found, often picked out in rhinestones. Our selection of women’s boots are heading skywards. Over the knee styles have really grown in popularity managing to be both sophisticated and somehow mysterious at the same time.
This season’s ladies’ dresses are focused mostly on cut not colour. In a nutshell, think plunging necklines, lace details, ruffles, the thinnest of thin belts, bared backs and plenty of pleats.

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