Say goodbye to dodgy snooker hall equipment for good with Riley snooker international!

Are you a snooker fan who wants to take their game to the next level? In that case, you’ll need to start thinking about buying your own snooker equipment, rather than relying on the all-too-often warped cues and wobbly tables of the local snooker hall! Since this kind of gear doesn’t come cheap, shopping for a first table and cue can be a daunting prospect. You have to make sure you’re making the right choice, as a table is a long-term investment from which you will want to get years of use. This means quality of craftsmanship and materials is paramount. A table that has been shoddily put together with inferior materials won’t last long and therefore won’t offer the value for money that you’re looking for. Riley snooker tables are a great example of what’s best about British manufacturing, combining traditional know-how built up from years of experience with the very finest raw materials. Riley uses top quality Italian slate, selected pig hide leather for the pockets and carefully selected wood (in some models, solid mahogany) for the main body of the table. To boot, their website is also a hive of useful information about the game and its history.

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