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The future seemingly belongs to the past, at least in the world of furniture. Vintage, old-style industrial and retro styles continue to dominate fashionable homes, in no small part thanks to websites like , which stocks all the latest must-haves and offers handy design hints and tips.

Metal lockers are a staple of industrial design

Although there’s a perception that many of these designs can be a little cold or somewhat sparse, nothing could be further from the truth when you’re talking about the classic chesterfield sofas available from PIB-Home. This ‘Club’ style sofa has a tremendous presence in any room, is extremely comfortable and just exudes warmth and class. At the same time, it also looks great in even in a more ‘distressed’ condition, meaning that it will fit in very well in a more bohemian décor.

Much industrial design, like the metal locker seen below, hails from a similar time to the Chesterfield. Often used in loft-conversions, this look has gained in popularity and has spread to even small homes. In these kinds of environments, it offers real advantages in terms of the efficient use of storage space.

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