DBV-Technologies – helping make the world a better place for allergy sufferers!

Huge strides are being made in the field of epicutaneous immunotherapy. Click here if you’d like to discover more about the Paris firm that’s leading the charge.

The growth in the incidence of allergies has been noticeable in recent years. Well-known allergies cover everything from nuts and eggs to shellfish.

DBV Technologies has been at the forefront of new research in the field in the shape of the Viaskin platform.

As the name suggests, this epicutaneous patch is applied to the skin. The essential aspects of the patch are made up of its adhesive crown next to the skin and a titanium backing.

The strategy that underpins the Viaskin patch is relatively straightforward. Tiny amounts of the relevant allergen are sprayed upon the patch in an even coating, which then dries.An ultra-moisturizing ‘condensation chamber’ formed between patch and skin allows these protein compounds to reach the tolerogenic Langerhans cells, where they begin the work of gradually desensitizing the body to these antigens.

The Viaskin peanut patch in particular could be a real boon to millions.

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